25 Amazing Global Gateways SKU: gateways

The best global gateways and what you can learn from them.


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From Apple to Audi, from Zara to Zurich — nearly every web site that supports more than one market or language also supports a global gateway. Yet very few of these gateways are what we would qualify as “amazing.” Over the past ten years, we’ve reviewed thousands upon thousands of global gateways, including an annual analysis of up to 250 global gateways for Byte Level’s annual Web Globalization Report Card.

25 Amazing Global Gateways highlights those gateways worth emulating (as well as those whose styles are worth avoiding). Included are screen shots and analyses of 25 global gateways — from companies such as Adobe, Caterpillar, Facebook, Hyatt, and Emirates Airlines.

This report is designed to be brief and to the point—so that web developers, designers, and marketers can rapidly digest the key takeaways through real-world visuals.